How to create valuable content to grow your brand

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Content is king, but that doesn’t mean all content is created equal for the modern consumer. The expectation for highly relevant quality content is at an all-time high. Mediocre content won’t cut it; you need to learn how to create valuable content.

Consumers research, read reviews, and evaluate companies to weed out inauthentic brands that offer little to no value. Instead of being passive recipients of endless advertisements, consumers actively search for quality information to address their needs. So what is valuable content, and how can you create it for your audience?

Understand your audience’s needs

As consumers’ tolerance for interruptive or irrelevant content is diminishing, there is an increase in identifying the values they want from the brands they engage with. Brands aren’t likely to engage consumers if their content doesn’t reflect their interests. They will pass right by and go straight for a brand that shows it understands their needs and values.

Understanding your audience’s questions and challenges is essential to creating high-quality, relevant content. If solving a problem or meeting a need for your customers isn’t part of your content marketing strategy, it should be. By doing so, it will become easier to develop an emotional connection with your audience.

“Understanding your audience’s questions and challenges is essential to creating high-quality, relevant content.”

Be the answer your audience seeks

Answering your audience’s questions starts with looking at the questions you already get from your existing customers. Imagine you have a business that sells bathroom faucets, and customers often ask you how they determine what size faucet they need. Ask Google this question, and you’ll see other commonly searched questions about faucet sizes. These questions can give you ideas for content that your audience would enjoy. If you’re in the faucet business, you could compile a list of these questions for future blog post ideas.

example of a Google people also ask search result

Become a trusted resource they can rely on

The more content you create for your audience’s specific needs, the more in-demand your business becomes. Research shows by delivering unique and original content to people who invest on an emotional level with the topic, you’ll increase your customer loyalty, and they’ll be more likely to spend more time and money with your brand. Not only do connected customers remain more loyal to their preferred brand, but 80 percent of them will also promote those brands to others. 

By doing so, you will build your brand

Meeting your audience’s needs through content creation is great for your consumer base. It also has a lot of benefits for your company beyond expanding your market. You also grow your brand’s:

  • Awareness – Your target audience will become more aware of your brand with each piece of content you publish.
  • Engagement – By posting content, you start a conversation with your audience and allow them to engage with your brand in multiple ways. 
  • Influence – As you build trust with your audience, your impact will become stronger and extend its reach.
  • Authority – By demonstrating your expertise and growing your influence, you boost your credibility within your industry and beyond. 

When you prioritize customer needs over pushing an agenda, you will increase customer loyalty and save money while you’re at it. With content-based marketing, you’ll spend 62 percent less than traditional marketing and generate about three times more leads!

A few key takeaways:

  • Don’t settle for mediocre content.
  • Be helpful by providing content that solves your audience’s problems.
  • Align your brand with your target audience’s goals and values.
  • Build loyalty through creating need-based content.
  • By providing valuable content and sharing a common purpose, your brand grows.

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